Let's Battle Digital Edition


Alex Shilyaev on the concept of the company’s official magazine and its first issue


A few months ago, we came to the conclusion that we needed a new way to provide our players with even more information for all of Wargaming’s projects and initiatives. Although the official websites for both World of Tanks and World of Warplanes offer regular updates on new features, events and development plans for the games, we felt there was a much larger opportunity to provide an all-encompassing editorial for those passionate about military warfare.

Having released several print publications on legendary tanks in Russia, we soon realized that these were too niche to appeal to diverse audiences, and with the surge in mobile technology, print editions wouldn’t offer as many interactive features as modern projects do today.

As digital texts and technologies become more prevalent, the very essence of reading transforms.

Interactive multimedia stories on display offer a superior experience to reading a printed newspaper. They preserve the “print-like” atmosphere, while adding extra depth and convenience to it. You can watch videos or animations, navigate through pages easily, and search for content quickly.

It’s something the entertainment industry around the world has had great success with, and something that has tremendous potential when it comes to delivering diverse and in-depth exposure to our games and events.

Unlike print publications, this format allows to focus on the best way to convey information to readers—without the constraints traditional print can bring.

Quality print magazines haven’t outlived their usefulness—they’ve evolved together with the content delivery platforms.

Regardless of all the advantages of digital periodicals, a majority of tablet owners who frequently use their devices to get news still subscribe to traditional media like newspapers or news magazines because short news blasts can’t compare with thoughtful long-form articles.

We thought that putting together the quality of print journals with the interactivity they lack could make for a great combination.

Thus sprang the idea for a digital magazine that would preserve the absolute best of older forms, while enhancing them with new ones.

Picking a title was easy. Wargaming’s motto, Let’s Battle, summarizes the core of all our games in just two words. It’s memorable, catchy, and gives an idea of what the magazine is about.

Whatever new project we go for, it always touches upon three things: gaming, people, and history.

In terms of its editorial value, we wanted Let’s Battle to push the envelope of traditional video game coverage, while staying true to those three core dimensions.

Along with providing regular updates on what’s happening within our community and games, we’d also like to give educational value to each issue with interactive guides and illustrated stories on legendary machines and battles. With our articles on military history put together in cooperation with Wargaming’s historical consultants and backed up by archival materials, we believe they will appeal to military buffs and World of Tanks players alike.

Another major component of Let’s Battle is exclusive interviews with devs, producers, and artists who partake in actual game development. These discussions will offer players insights into the reasoning behind our game design, and help connect with our communities by telling them more about our people, the way we work, and what inspires us.


The first issue of Let’s Battle focuses heavily on World of Tanks with a close-up on the latest addition to the game’s functionality, an overview of Japanese tanks, and a guide on tactics for medium tanks. But we haven’t left out World of Warplanes, either. We will immerse our readers with flight combat tactics, giving rookies plenty of useful tips for taking to the sky. Another feature article will be solely devoted to our naval strategy game World of Warships. Along with covering our projects and game-related news, we will also publish exclusive interviews with one of the game’s “founding fathers” Petr Bityukov and Lead Producer Mikhail Zhivets, as well as updating readers on what’s coming for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition and delving into the history of the Battle of Kursk and the Battle of the Philippine Sea.


We look forward to your thoughts on the first issue and welcome all feedback. It will be useful for us when defining the periodicity of editions, their size, and the topics for feature articles. If you have any content ideas that you would like to see in Let’s Battle in future, please let us know by filling out the survey at the end of the magazine.

Find out more on the making of Let’s Battle from an exclusive interview with Dialect, Inc., the studio behind Wargaming’s official digital magazine.


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