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Company Recognized For World of Warplanes PR Campaign


The doors have closed on Game Connection 2012, where the European gaming industry was out in full force to connect and socialize, share ideas, and wait in anticipation for the highly anticipated and first-ever Game Connection Marketing awards, which crowned the best of the best in video game marketing.

If you’re not familiar with Game Connection, it’s one of the best B2B game conferences and networking expos in Europe. The event brings together key players in the gaming industry, allowing them to present their work to international media, as well as industry trade leaders and professionals. The event also serves as a valuable business networking event.

Paris Games, the regional organizer of the event, outshone themselves again this year, hosting a larger event than ever before with a record number of participants, exhibitors and speakers.

The event filled the hall of Paris Porte de Versailles Convention and Exhibition Centre from 28th through 30th of November, bringing together participants from over 40 countries.

Wargaming team participated in the French games convention along with more than 1200 publishers, distributors, and investors.

Events like Game Connection are very important to Wargaming, not just because they present a great opportunity to network with fellow industry leaders, but also because they provide an invaluable opportunity to meet present and future colleagues face-to-face. They give us the chance to hear what other industry professionals are interested in, get updated on the latest industry topics and solutions, as well as attend lectures and classes to enrich our knowledge of video games and marketing.

The topics on everyone’s lips this year were cloud technologies, emerging distribution and monetization models, and the evolution of mobile marketing. Surprisingly, publishers didn’t seem to be making a big push towards next-generation consoles. Conversely, they seem to be putting much more effort and focus into mobile and other platforms, focusing on delivering games as a service and connection their customers to regular, new content.

In addition to themes of development, production, services and business raised every year, Game Connection 2012 also focused on subjects within marketing and communication. As part of this new category, the convention honored the finest works created by marketing professionals within the games industry with the first-ever Game Connection Marketing Awards.

Presided over by an advisory board of leading industry experts, the awards recognized and celebrated outstanding work in marketing and communications from across the breadth of the global video game industry, from PR and advertising, to community and digital. Major publishers and global marketing agencies vied for awards right alongside indie developers and start-ups, creating an interesting dichotomy of participants.

Major publishers and global marketing agencies vied for wins alongside indie developers and start-up studios.

And Wargaming did not leave empty-handed!

The judging committee — comprised of a diverse group of independent and knowledgeable individuals with extensive experience in the industry — chose to recognize Wargaming for its successful World of Warplanes promotional campaign. Our global team was praised for its creativity and outstanding public relations efforts that helped increase awareness of the game within the gaming community, as well as helped bolster the company’s position in the free-to-play gaming market.

Obviously, taking home this coveted award was the highlight of the show for us!

“It’s a great reward and acknowledgement for the team that has worked tirelessly to make sure that Wargaming doesn’t just live up to the high standards set in the games industry, but really thrives in it,” said Mike Belton, Vice President of Global PR and Marketing at Wargaming. “Please keep up the great work and thank you once again for your mighty effort!” 

Mike BeltonMike Belton, VP of Global PR and Marketing

Our Global Brand Director, Al King, was given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the company as he accepted the award.

“I want to dedicate this award to our global team around the world for without them we wouldn’t be here tonight,” he said. “This is a testament to the unrelenting effort we all have applied over the years, and the satisfaction of gaining recognition from industry’s experts is a huge thrill for us. It furthers the pride we have about the company and its prospects, and encourages us to reach higher in future.”

Al King Al King, Global Brand Director

Western Europe Communication Director Stephane Vallet also shared his thoughts on the accolade: “The Awards night is a fantastic event to bring the team together to celebrate the success Wargaming has experienced over the last couple of years. We strive for innovation, creativity, and superior performance in each of our projects, and it is always an honor to be recognized for that commitment to excellence!”

Stephane Vallet  Stephane Vallet, Western Europe Communication Director  

“Game Connection Marketing Award provided our entire team with the recognition they so richly deserve,” Rahim Attaba, Wargaming Marketing Director in Europe. He also stressed the teams’ role in company’s growth: “Our success in the international games market is directly related to the effort put forth by our global PR and Marketing division, and I’m very thankful to be working with such an amazing group of talented individuals.”

Al King Rahim Attaba, Europe Marketing Director

“It’s a privilege to participate in the celebration of the biggest marketing achievements of 2012,” added Tom Putzki, Communication Director Central Europe. “We appreciate the trust that leading global experts place in us and look forward to continuing to grow and develop new bigger projects.”

Al King Tom Putzki, Communication Director Central Europe

The festive Awards ceremony held at the Porte de Versailles centre brought Wargaming PR team even closer together. It was a night to feel proud of our work, celebrate the many accomplishments of 2012, and set higher goals for the future.

The Paris Expo has wrapped up. Giant posters are taken down, the stalls are dismantled, and we are back at the office.

As a pleasant aftertaste, however, we have the Best PR Award, and can now rejoice in the feeling that we are all a part of the industry’s most creative marketing team. It was the night to feel proud of our work.


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