Data Warehousing Data Architect, Prague

Prague/Brno, Czech Republic
Engineering & Programming

Wargaming is looking for a Data Warehousing Data Architect to work closely with the DWH department, implementers, technical architects and developers to ensure that master data, data standards and data quality policies support Wargaming EDW architecture. The DWH Data Architect maintains an end-to-end vision of and develops tactical strategies for master data development/maintenance, data standards and data quality. The DWH Data Architect will work closely with the enterprise data architect to execute on the overall master data, data standard and data quality strategy.

What you will do:

  • Develop a general evolutionary approach for the existing DWH system
  • Analyze technical and business requirements
  • Support the development process
  • Optimize existing ECCMD processes
  • Integrate process management
  • Perform DWH data model management


  • Rich experience with row and column-based databases, integration and business intelligence market-leading solutions
  • 5+ years of DWH and OLTP system development
  • Experience with database design, data mart modelling, ETL implementation (Inmon and Kimball models)
  • Experience with real-time ETL
  • Expertise in Oracle, defining development standards, principles, and frameworks
  • Experience with ETL/ELT tools (ODI, WhereScape, etc.)
  • Hadoop skills: experience in Hadoop/RDBMS integration technologies; Impala with performance tuning; Apache Spark
  • Oracle skills: in-depth knowledge of Oracle 11.x database and RDBMS concepts; PL/SQL code development (PDML, triggers, etc.); performance tuning; query optimization (explain plan, dbms_xplan, gv$ views, hints, etc.); partitioning; advanced compression; administrative skills (gv$ views, PGA, SGA, processes, AWR, etc.); utilities (SQL*Plus, sqlldr, imp/exp, XML, PL/Scope)
  • Experience working with source control tools (Subversion, SourceSafe, etc.)
  • Proven ability to work in a team environment and act as a mentor and coach to junior team members
  • Understanding of Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies
  • Ability to work independently as well as in an agile team
  • Basic knowledge of Unix platform (basic shell commands)
  • Advanced written and spoken English

To apply, please send your resume to hr_prague@wargaming.net.

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