UI Artist

St. Petersburg, Russia
Art Production

Wargaming St. Petersburg (Lesta Studio) is looking to hire a Programmer (Unity, Client Core) to work on a new game for mobile platforms.

What you will do:

Develop the client portion of the mobile project, including:

  • Develop TDD and keep it up to date
  • Be responsible for client-server interactions
  • Develop game logic for prototypes


  • Proficiency in Unity, experience developing mobile projects in Unity, completed projects in portfolio (App Store, Google Play)
  • Experience developing online game projects, understanding of client-server application architecture
  • Proficiency in C#, understanding of OOP principles
  • Strong algorithmic and mathematical base
  • Experience in game logic programming
  • Experience optimizing game applications
  • Experience working with related specialists (game designers/artists/modelers)
  • Interest in computer games and the gaming industry in general


  • Knowledge of script languages (Lua, Python)
  • Experience working with other engines (Unreal Engine)
  • Experience leading a lean team of programmers

Additional info:

To apply, please forward your resume to hrspb@wargaming.net.