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You have rights available depending on the reason we collect and process your personal information. Please use the form below to exercise your rights.

If you have a Wargaming Account, please log in with your credentials and exercise your rights via Account Management. If you are a PC user, click here. If you are a Console user, click here for “World of Tanks PS4/Xbox One” and here for “World of Warships: Legends”. If you are a mobile game user, please check the in-game application settings. 

For requests other than those related to your privacy rights, please contact our Player Support for PC games here and for Consoles here.

If you are a Californian Resident, and you would like to exercise your rights, please send your request to privacy@wargaming.net. Please indicate the type of the request in the subject line: ‘Request to know’, ‘Request to get a copy of my personal information’, ‘Request of deletion’, ‘Request to opt-out of sale of my personal information’ and your full name, your email and your nickname (if applicable), for identification purposes. If you are an authorized agent exercising a right on behalf of a Californian Resident, please indicate your full name, email and a signed written permission to submit this request.

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