Business Analyst / System Designer (World of Tanks)

Minsk, Belarus
Business Analytics

Wargaming invites Business Analyst / System Designer. We are looking for a colleague in the system design team to work on the World of Tanks web projects.

 System Designer is one of the key roles in the project. The main objective of this role is to determine in detail what the project should be, ensure the correctness of its understanding, and communicate it to the whole team. Very often in the process, the system designer interacts closely with all other disciplines and departments. We strive for the timely release of interesting, ambitious and high-quality projects that best meet the company's business goals and the needs of our audience.

Join our friendly team and you will receive a rich experience in product development and the opportunity to work in one of the key roles on various projects with an audience in the millions, and to try your hand at being a Feature Owner.

What will you do?

  • Identify stakeholders and the degree of their influence on the feature

  • Form and specify concepts, goals, and objectives of the feature and subsequently agree on them with key stakeholders

  • Interact with the feature team, as well as specialists from other teams (Publishing, Analytics, Art, Content Operation, etc.) and disciplines (UX / UI, Game Balance, Game Design, etc.) to form the vision and content of the feature

  • Collect, analyze, and approve the end requirements for the feature

  • Consult all specialists involved in the development, delivery, and support of the feature

  • Support requirements during the feature's development and keep them up to date

  • Analyze and assess the performance of the feature after its release and provide the results to key stakeholders

  • Form and specify the plan of further development of the feature

What are we looking for?

  • 1, 5+ years of experience in business analysis/system design/ game design

  • Knowledge of modern software development methodologies

  • Knowledge of the life cycle of the project/product

  • Basic knowledge of building and architecture of information systems

  • Theoretical knowledge of business/system analysis and modern practices of working with requirements

  • Ability to deliver material in an intelligent and structured fashion

  • Ability to find interested people

  • Interviewing/gathering requirements skills

  • Ability to detect, classify, analyse, test, document, and prioritize requirements

  • Technical specifications writing skills

  • Ability to visualize requirements

  • Ability to coordinate requirements

  • Knowledge of technical English (good writing skills)

What additional skills will help you stand out?

  • Process modeling skills

  • Basic knowledge of usability and prototyping

  • Basic knowledge of theories of probability, statistics, and mathematical analysis

  • Knowledge of the World of Tanks domain

  • Fluent English

About Wargaming

Wargaming is one of the biggest free-to-pay MMO game developers and publishers. Established in 1998, Wargaming has more than 4,500 employees in multiple offices around the world. Over 200 million players enjoy Wargaming’s titles across all major gaming platforms, including the massively popular World of Tanks and World of Warships.

Working in our company means always having interesting challenges and gaining valuable experience while working with world-class experts.

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