Tools Developer

Minsk, Belarus
Software Engineering

Wargaming is looking for a C++ Developer to join its World of Tanks development team. This position includes working on both low-level product systems and various tools used by other development participants (Unified Editor, Asset System, etc.). The team's activities are related to the development of new game features and tools, as well as the optimization and support of already-available sub-systems and tools.

The team codes in C++, uses Python for scripts and logic, and uses Qt/QML as a UI framework when creating tools with a visual interface.

Work in the Game Engine team also implies close collaboration with other teams such as Gameplay, Server, Art, UI, Sound, etc.

Our goal is to make working on the game convenient and enjoyable for all participants. For this purpose, we develop various API and tools that simplify or automate the process of creating new functionalities. What we do:

  • Develop the code base in accordance with the latest technology standards of the industry.

  • Implement and develop a component approach; provide the appropriate tools to artists and designers, and gameplay code to developers.

  • Implement low-level sub-systems for combat gameplay and physical simulations with high demand on code performance.

  • Optimize game client and tool performance; support and develop internal profiling tools.

  • Work with the file system, manage resources, and stream.

  • Work with the animation system, sound engine, and 3D scene representation.

  • Work with the system of assets from editors and the game client.

  • Develop mechanisms for network client-server interaction.

  • Develop the existing game development tools and create new ones.

  • Integrate and support third-party SDK.

  • Ensure the stability of the World of Tanks game client.

What are we looking for?

  • 3+ years of experience in commercial C++ development.

  • An understanding of modern C++ standards.

  • Knowledge of STL containers, algorithms, and data structures.

  • Object-oriented programming skills.

What additional skills will help you stand out?

  • Multithreaded programming skills.

  • Experience with or knowledge of Python.

  • The ability to work someone else's code.

  • The ability to write cross-platform code.

  • The ability to write high-performance code.

  • Skills for working with profilers (e.g. Nsight, VTune).

  • The ability to work with memory properly.

  • An understanding of software development principles.

  • Experience with C++ for Linux.

  • Knowledge of Qt/QML.

  • Experience working in the gaming industry and a desire to create games.

  • Experience working with game engines (Unreal Engine, Unity, Lumberyard).

  • An intermediate or higher level of English.


About Wargaming:

Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Operating since 1998, Wargaming has grown to become one of the leaders in the gaming industry with 5,500 employees and 18 offices spread all over the world. Over 200 million players enjoy Wargaming's titles across all major gaming platforms. Our flagship products include the free-to-play hits World of Tanks and World of Warships, as well as World of Tanks Blitz — the critically acclaimed mobile tank shooter with cross-platform support.

A career in our company is always an interesting challenge, as well as the experience that you gain working together with world-class experts.

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