ARETE Grabs Wargaming.net League 2014 Title in APAC

The first Wargaming.net League APAC Season 1 Final held in Korean capital Seoul on July 18–19 has defined the victor.

The two of the Asian representatives, Team Efficiency and PVP Super Friends, met in the semi-finals won by Team Efficiency.

In the course of the fierce final battle watched by 400 avid fans at the Yongsan eSports stadium and another 20,000 on Twitch, the Korean tank squad ARETE defeated Team Efficiency 3:1.

ARETE, named the best APAC tank squad of Season 1, set a personal record by winning all the matches during the Wargaming.net League WGL 2014 APAC First Season and took home $60,000 in prize money. The runner-up Team Efficiency won $20,000, while PVP Super Friends walked away with $8,500.

The Wargaming.net League 2014 APAC will proceed with two more seasons to decide the region’s champion of the year that will participate in the Grand Finals. The Second Season of the Wargaming.net

League 2014 APAC is scheduled to start in August 2014.