Red Dragons Rise for World of Tanks on Xbox 360

A new tank dynasty has arrived for World of Tanks on Xbox 360: China! The Chinese Tech Tree is the seventh full Tech Tree to be added to World of Tanks on Xbox 360, including 20 of the country’s fiercest armored vehicles.

Commanders can get their hands on new light, medium and heavy tanks, taking some of the most iconic Chinese vehicles out for a spin on the battlefield. The nimble Chi-Ha light tank, the versatile Type-34 medium tank, and the colossal IS-2 heavy tank are all waiting to carve a path of destruction. Three new Premium tanks, the T-34-3 (Tier 8) medium, the 122 (Tier 8) heavy, and the Type 64 (Tier 6), all make it easier to rack up the XP.

But the new line of Chinese tanks aren’t the only great offers to be gracing World of Tanks on Xbox 360. July is “Freedom to Play Month”. What does this mean for the average commander? It means in-game offers, experience multipliers and two brand-new and rare tanks: Freedom and Liberté.

Freedom is a custom-skinned T26E4 SuperPershing medium Tier 8, and will be available in the store for a limited time starting on July 1st. Be sure to snap this slice of American pie up before she’s all gone. Then, on July 10th, Liberté, the rare French FCM 50 t heavy Tier 8, will make its in-game debut in celebration of Bastille Day, also only available for a limited time. Players looking for that little bump in experience will also net themselves a x5 XP multiplier on July 4th.

World of Tanks on Xbox 360 is available as a free download for all Xbox Live Gold members*, and can also be experienced through a free seven-day trial for all other Xbox Live account holders.

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*Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately) required. Additional in-game content available and sold separately.