Master of Orion Collector’s Edition Unearthed

WG Labs has announced the Master of Orion Collector’s Edition, bringing with it a wealth of content set to enhance any player embarking on their galactic quest. The prestige package includes the first three genre-defining Master of Orion titles, a beautifully detailed digital art book, the modernized orchestral soundtrack, a special retro art style graphic motif, and an exclusive race only available with the Collector’s Edition: the Terran Khanate. Players can also begin their campaign ahead of the fleet with Early Access, when available.

The blueprint for the iconic 4X strategy genre of eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate that served as the inspiration of WG Lab’s reimagining, the Collector’s Edition brings the first three Master of Orion games for you to relive. To complement previous entries, the digital art book showcases the game’s deep and intricate artwork. For the modernized orchestral soundtrack, Dave Govett, composer for the original Master of Orion, returns to score the next epic installment.

In the special pixelated ships mode, players can give their game a retro vibe. Finally, a unique race, exclusively for Collector’s Edition holders, the Terran Khanate. This new race is an aggressive and threatening model of a future humanity that mirrors the Human Federation but with a warlike bent, giving players a new way to conquer the stars.

With the Collector’s Edition, players, new and old, can see where the iconic 4X strategy genre started whilst playing WG Lab’s modern reimagining of this critically acclaimed sci-fi strategy game.

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