International Tournament Rocks the Wargaming.net League

There are some tectonic rumblings going on in the Wargaming.net League. Continental Rumble is the latest cross-regional event, taking place October 17 in Poznan, Poland, as part of the Poznan Game Arena event. Goliaths from World of Tanks eSports from the CIS and EU will be dusting off their keyboards to showcase their tactics and battle for a slice of the $100,000 USD prize pool.

Continental Rumble shuddered to life due to an overwhelming demand of the Wargaming.net League (WGL) eSports community. Wargaming’s entertainment offerings are always evolving. This event is a fantastic opportunity for people to see their favorite teams in action and surround themselves in the unique atmosphere of the WGL.

The two best teams from the CIS and EU will soon be ready for their showdown in Poland. First place will take $45,000; second place: $30,000; third place: $15,000; and fourth place: $10,000. For information on the upcoming Continental Rumble please stay tuned to the official World of Tanks website.

Continental Rumble will be taking place as part of the Poznan Game Arena. This three-day event, from October 16–18, features gaming industry personalities all gathered under one roof to share their expertise. Tickets for the whole event are available online for €5 (20 pln).