Master of Orion Developer Diaries: Early Access

With the Master of Orion Collector’s Edition recently released, explorers can also get parsec closer than ever before to seeing how NGD Studios revived a legendary title. The latest Developer Diary pulls back the curtain on why the devs chose Early Access, the several iterations of exciting Tactical Battles, and how to craft characters that each have a distinct personality.

By calling on the fans, the developers at NGD Studios are able to gather vital information and further improve Master of Orion before its full release. So, if any explorers have great feedback, the devs want to hear from them. This goes for the different galactic personalities, too. Viewers can discover how their AI opponents, whether they’re Sakkra, Psilon, Alkari or many others, all have distinct personalities. Species in Master of Orion act and react according to the player and the galaxy at large, so every journey is a unique experience.

Finally, fans can get a look at what it takes to create Tactical Battles, the real-time battle environment. After several iterations, the team found the balance that transports explorers into the heart of combat so they can feel like a true admiral of a massive fleet.

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