Go To Cyprus Website is Live

Visit our new website to learn what it's like at Wargaming HQ in Nicosia, Cyprus, and hear what our people think about the island.

Wargaming HQ in Nicosia, Cyprus, unites some of the best talent from the gaming industry and beyond. Here, you’ll find leaders in their field, who are all on a mission to make our players happy. But life at Wargaming is more than just working in a swanky office with top company leaders. It’s discovering everything that the country has to offer, from its culture, environment, and lots more.


With the new Go To Cyprus website, you can find everything you need to know about what Wargaming HQ and all of Cyprus have to offer. Find out what other people think about the island and their stories of how they settled in to life in Cyprus. Plus, find answers to frequently asked questions about starting the next step of your journey in a new country.

So, if you’ve been searching for a new challenge within a unique environment, why not check out what Wargaming HQ has to offer?