Ready for the Grand Finals 2015?

Grab your seats and get settled in because the Wargaming.net Grand Finals 2015 are nearly here. Today we can reveal further details about what’s in store for Wargaming’s biggest eSports event of the year.

Between April 25–26 at EXPO XXI in Warsaw, Poland, 12 global giants of the World of Tanks competitive scene will duke it out. What’s on the line? The right for one team to be crowned champion of the Grand Finals 2015 and a hefty portion of the massive $300k prize pot.

If you’ve been following the recent exciting changes to the eSports format, you’ll know the Grand Finals continues with new Attack/Defense mode. Tweaked and polished by pro gamers, battles have now been taken to another level. Matches are quicker than ever before; there’s no chance of a draw, nowhere to hide. Teams have to take the fight to their opponents if they want to claw their way to the top of the competitive ladder.

We also have some great organizations that will be sponsoring the Grand Finals 2015. Intel, a world leader in technology and veteran eSports sponsor; Razer, who most people know for their gaming peripherals and cool swag they designed for us; paysafecard, who provide safe and easy online payments that you’ll find featured on our site.

Attendees at the event will have their share of entertainment when not glued to the matches, which can be found at the partners’ area during match intermissions.

Fans of World of Tanks Blitz will be pleased to hear that the Red Bull stand has in-game competitions. The famous MGT-20 is going to be hosting competitive team competitions for up to 14 players; players can sign-up up on site and test their skills during match breaks. And paysafecard card has put together a World of Tanks trivia quiz to discover who the most die-hard fan truly is.

Another surprise for attendees is the presence of two real tanks. Courtesy of the Polish Military Museum in Warsaw and spruced up thanks to Wargaming, a T-34/85 and M4AI Sherman can be found by the front entrance. Event-goers have the chance to learn about these iconic tanks and chat to the people staffing them.

The event is free for anyone that wants to come along and there’ll be a load of great prizes too. But just remember that even though you get a whole seat, you’ll only need the edge.

The list of grand finalists will be announced during the seeding ceremony on April 2 at 19:00 CET. The ceremony will be broadcast in English on the WGLEU official Twitch channel.

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