Get Into the “Spirit” of Things This Halloween

From October 30 to November 1, make sure you’re gathered round the campfire, have turned on your console, and are ready for a spooky Halloween event possessing World of Tanks on Xbox One and Xbox 360. “Dead City” features the exclusive Spectre tank, a reworked map, and special emblem for All Hallows’ Eve tankers.

The haunting 7-vs-7 Team Battle game mode “Dead City” transports players to a supernaturally reworked version of the “Himmelsdorf” map. Take control of the Spectre tank and its literal skeleton crew; harness its ghostly powers to glide across the battlefield, blasting enemies with its rapid plasma cannon. Also during this special event, there’s an extra treat available: a ghastly tank emblem will be awarded for a tanker who customizes any tank in their Garage, to server as a chilling reminder.

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