Master of Orion: History of the Races (Part 1)



Stout, hulking warriors, Bulrathi are full of contradiction. Driven equally by their aggressive nature and their desire to protect the defenseless, their attempts to reconcile these two aspects often get them into trouble across the galaxy. Bulrathi only respect those who can truly match them in battle and who do not back away from adversity. While the Bulrathi strive to move beyond their hostile nature, don’t be surprised if your intergalactic summit turns into a fistfight courtesy of some harsh exchanges with the Darlocks, Mrrshan or Meklar.


The Bulrathi homeworld, Ursa, was a planet ravaged by warfare and disastrous environmental change due to the Bulrathi’s industrial waste. However, a small band of Bulrathi scientists devoted their lives to developing machines that could breathe life back into their planet – thus beginning the first terraforming process on the Bulrathi homeworld.

Ursus, the capital of Ursa, is a densely packed urban area. The citizens of Ursus often work in the various arms of the military. Ursus is the city where the Emperor and many high ranking officials reside and work.


The Bulrathi aren’t the most technologically focused race in the galaxy, but they more than make up with it with their destructive capabilities. This is an asset when playing as the Bulrathi and can rush your opponents. However, the fact that they lack technological prowess means that an explorer will want to make sure they devote some of their time and resources to levelling up their tech-based skills. Also, as we know that the Bulrathi like a galactic punch-up, a cunning explorer may be able to persuade another race to occupy their time…



Psilons are an intellectual and peaceful race who hunger to know and understand the secrets of the galaxy. Knowledge is valued above all else, absolutely. The Psilon priority on research and education has been so internalized that it is at the core of their physical evolution. Psilons used to be similar in shape to Humans (but much taller—reaching heights of eight feet) many thousands of years ago. However, decades and generations of atrophy and minimal physical activity began to take a toll on their physical forms.


Mentar is a remarkably mild planet with year round soft rains and constant rolling hills. It is populated by docile wildlife—leading some academics to believe that something in Mentar’s atmosphere repressed aggression in the domestic fauna (including Psilons).
Hadron is a sprawling city which continues outward until Hadron’s borders bleed with other, distant communities. Hadron is the home of the Emperor and many of the largest research corporations and facilities have representative branches in Hadron. The largest of these research factions is the Chiral Cooperative.


As we know, the Psilons’ giant craniums are not just for show—their intelligence has led to a robust economy, which gives them a bonus to their Research. They can also be quite a sneaky bunch and possess excellent spies, as well as spend a great deal of time and credits on internal security. However, the focus on technology may well be the Psilons’ downfall. They put so much effort in becoming as advanced as possible that they are vulnerable to attack. Psilons are not a race an explorer can simply sit back and watch blossom.



The Alkari refer to themselves as one family under the guidance of a family of Gods. The “one family, under the Gods” mentality permeates all levels of their culture. They desire to be the greatest warriors in the galaxy, bringing pride and honor to their family. However, an increasing amount of galactic conflicts stretch Alkari resources and troops thin and their warrior ways often get them into trouble.


The homeworld of the Alkari, Altair, is an artifact world due to the ancient and well-documented history of the Alkari. It has a diverse and varied landscape, but is dominated by low-lying swamplands and high, rocky areas. The cities of Alkari are often surrounded by wide-open spaces and plenty of space between buildings which facilitate the Alkari’s natural flight abilities.

Skraa is located atop a high, rocky plateau which is surrounded by water. This is where the Emperor and his family reside, along with most high-ranking government officials. The battle of Skraa is a legend in Alkari culture, as it was the site of the historic battle which unified the Alkari and where the first Emperor was crowned. Skraa is not completely open to outsiders, as any non-Alkari must always be accompanied by an Alkari escort. The patron God of Skraa is the God of Sky. 


The Alkari are a militaristic race at their core, which is where they excel. Their good relationship with Humans means good trade and negotiations work both ways—and can be very profitable. However, if you’re a Darlock, Klackon, or Sakkra, then be sure to tiptoe around the Alkari—you’re not on the best of terms. If you’re Mrrshan, then you may be best avoiding them completely. Cats and birds are mortal enemies, remember?

However, when the Alkari strike up a deal, they keep it. Their loyalty to battle, on the hand, is to their detriment, and they will readily expend troops fighting often needless battles. The Alkari have something to boast about, because their military craft rule the roost.



Mrrshan are elegant, rebellious, and independent creatures. They are proud and honorable, but also secretive and ruthless. Mrrshans have a relatively short natural lifespan in the galaxy (only longer than that of the Sakkra). They value freedom from religious, creative, political, and personal oppression. While they are a feudal government, nothing about their laws or policies is oppressive. If the populace want to try their hand at new skills, they are encouraged. They believe in living as they please, loving whoever they want, and above all being fearless in battle.


Fieras is a flowering, sunny planet with lush landscapes and large, still-seeming seas. The cities are usually located in the spacious plains, covered in tall amber grasses and spiraling trees. The jungles are dark and densely populated with all manner of threats. Fieras also has the largest amount of unique flowering plants in the galaxy.

Jasana, the capital city of Fieras, was named after the Supreme which oversaw the construction of the Royal Palace. Her family had amassed great wealth through somewhat dubious means, which she used to construct the Palace. Jasana is where many of the Ladies of communities will keep a second home (to be close to the Supreme), so the houses of this area are extravagant and covered in beautiful runes. Jasana is a sacred area to the Mrrshan and aliens are rarely permitted inside the city.


“This kitty has claws” seems like an apt in-game quote to describe the Mrrshan. They’re ruthless and have a keen eye with weapons, possessing some powerful fighters. However, they are man’s best (and only) friend in the galaxy. The Mrrshan have tense relations with everyone (aside from Humans), and we already know that the Alkari are their mortal enemies. If an explorer is trying to negotiate with them, it may not always end well. While they have the fighters, it’s the Mrrshan’s industrial and defense capabilities that could well use up all of their nine lives.

We’ve covered just a few of the diverse races explorers can control in the upcoming WG Labs reboot of Master of Orion. Stay tuned for further transmissions where you can learn more about the different PCs and discover more about the game.

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