Take on the Future in WG Labs’ Hybrid Wars

Super soldiers, mech warriors, and explosive weaponry are locked and loaded in this futuristic, top-down shooter.

The WG Labs Team has been hard at work collaborating with developers to bring new and exciting games to everyone, and they’re proud to unveil their latest creation: Hybrid Wars. Developed by Extreme Developers, a game development studio from Miass, Russia, the game rekindles that nostalgia for classic top-down ’90s shooters but with a modern twist. In Hybrid Wars, you’re a mercenary, working for the biggest paycheck, travelling the world to blow up stuff at the behest of megacorporations.

Fun, right?

Hybrid Wars is all about pick up and play accessibility. Dozens of diverse battle machines and eclectic equipment are there for you to unleash maximum havoc on robots of the world. How you wreak destruction is up to you: control power bombers, assault mechs, tanks, boats, and attack helicopters to fully control the battlefield. There are three heroes at your disposal, each with their own strengths, and there are countless ways to conquer eight open-world warzones, with over 50 enemy types. By changing mechs and weapons to fit your situation, and even bring along a cute mech pet to watch your back, you’re ready for anything. Hybrid Wars’ different modes, from story to survival, give you new ways to take on the world.

Hybrid Wars will be a mid-priced digital download released for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux in 2016, distributed through Steam and GoG.

Why not check out the official website to see what cool tools are at your disposal?