Console Tankers Once Again Set Their Sights on the Moon

It is another small step for man and giant leap for tank-kind as World of Tanks on Console celebrates the anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing with a return to the hugely popular “Lunar Mode”. However, this stellar sojourn is only on Xbox 360 for a limited time, so tankers should make the most of all the moony action while they can.

Some 40 years ago, man stepped foot on the dusty surface of the Moon in search of adventure and discovery, under the gaze of over 600 million people back on Earth. Now, brave tankers have returned to its sprawling plains with one goal: combat. Starting on July 17 and running until July 20, players who log into the game will receive the exclusive M24 Lunar, a Tier 9 medium tank tweaked for combat in the harsh conditions of space. The M24 comes equipped with a high-tech blaster that is perfect for turning opponents into moon dust.

Players who strap into their spacesuits and chart a course for “Lunar Mode” can expect a vast lunar landscape, complete with 1/6 the gravity of Earth. Put you anti-gravity skills to the test and gain massive air as you battle to rule the Moon!

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*Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately) required. Additional in-game content available and sold separately.