Major Improvements Incoming for Wargaming.net League

Starting next season, the battle format of the Wargaming.net League is set to change, becoming even more accessible and captivating by implementing an all-new Attack/Defense mode.

To create the best experience possible, we turned to you; this new format has been thoroughly tested and approved by professional World of Tanks players. With the pros’ feedback, the Wargaming.net League team reinvented the way tournament battles unfold.

Attack/Defense sets precise goals for competing teams: one team works to defend two bases while the other team seeks to capture those bases, which means there’s no chance of the match ending in a draw!

Thanks to the cooperation with pro gamers, Attack/Defense battle format urges teams to hold nothing back and press the assault, making every match a thrilling ride.

And starting next season, all Wargaming.net League regions will implement this new and exciting setup, so pro gamers have the current season to master Attack/Defense before the upcoming Grand Finals.

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