100 Years of Tanks Event in London

Watch a Mark IV driving through streets of London in a video report from a unique event and check out special in-game modes featuring the iconic Mark I in World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz.

Wargaming commemorated the 100th anniversary of tank warfare with a host of online and offline festivities. The main celebration took place in the homeland of the first combat tank, Great Britain, where it attracted hundreds of people.


On September 15, exactly a century after the first tank battle in history, Wargaming together with The Tank Museum, Bovington, brought the full-sized replica of a Mark IV to the heart of London. The crowd watched in amazement as a younger sibling of the very first combat tank crawled through Trafalgar Square to take its position at Horse Guards Parade.

Along with this massive offline event, we also launched a series of in-game modes and events featuring the famed Mark I. In World of Tanks, the Convoy event, with an AI-controlled Mark I, has two teams controlling Lanchester Armored Cars. One team is protecting the iconic vehicle as it moves across a World War I battlefield, “The Somme,” while the other is trying to destroy it. Those who favour console battles can get a true hands-on experience with the Mark I in Trench Warfare mode. Finally, the World of Tanks Blitz community can get behind the wheel of a modified Mark I and put it to the test in furious 7-vs-7 combat.