Master of Orion: A Legend Reborn

Wargaming has charted a course that will take gamers out of the world. Master of Orion, the critically acclaimed sci-fi strategy game, has been reborn.

This reimagining is set to enhance the title’s iconic 4X gameplay of Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate for new and old fans alike. Players can expect a deeply strategic experience where they must utilize brute force, diplomacy, exploration and much more in their bid for victory.

With enhanced visuals, built from the ground up, Master of Orion reimagines galaxies like never before and breathes life into a universe waiting for intrepid explores to conquer. On their journey, players will be interacting with over a dozen diverse races, all with their own quirks and ambitions. It is up to you to shape your gaming experience.

Under the hood, there is a revamped user interface with many great features to aid you in quest. An orchestral score from the original game’s composer is your epic soundtrack on the galactic stage, accompanied by new voice over recordings and user tutorials.

Master of Orion is set to bring Wargaming back to its science fiction roots, which began with the renowned Massive Assault series. The game has been developed by the Argentine-based NGD Studios, including key members from the original Master of Orion, so you know the game will be staying true to its classic 4X gameplay.

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