Melsoft embarks on another grande adventure with Wargaming

Melsoft, creator of the popular Toy Defense 2, has just released its latest free-to-play title, exchanging battlegrounds for coffee grounds. Published in cooperation with its strategic mobile partner Wargaming, My Café: Recipes & Stories has already drawn over 700,000 budding baristas. Available on iOS and Android today, you don’t have to de-lait forging your coffee empire.

Despite being a restaurant simulator, My Café: Recipes & Stories also arrives with a liberal shot of storytelling. Coffee isn’t the only thing brewing in your café—there’s heaps of drama, too. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself leaving the pot on the boil while you’re immersed in the often secretive and dramatic lives of the clientele.

If your flavor of gaming leans more towards the managerial side, then there are tons of ways to customize your store with furniture and shiny equipment as you tackle dozens of levels. Not to mention the fact that you can even keep track of your friends’ progress to see who the best boss is.

So, what will your success story be? Download and play for free now.