World of Tanks Gets Up Close and Personal in New Missions

World of Tanks has started the New Year off with a bang, firing off a salvo of 300 Personal Missions that will net our tankers some fantastic, exclusive rewards, like credits and like the  Stug IV, T28 heavy tank concept, and you can also recruit new crewmembers. These missions will test your skill over a variety of vehicles, honing your abilities. To get the most out of Personal Missions we wanted to make sure that you have all the intel you need so you’re not stuck in the trenches but storming the front lines.

What Are Personal Missions?

Personal Missions are a special kind of mission available to you that have a specific set of conditions for you to complete. These conditions can range from simply surviving a particularly harsh battle, to destroying a certain number of opponents, to making sure that you stay undetected throughout the entire melee.

These objectives are then split into Primary and Secondary. Primary objectives will often take a more pro-active role in battle, such as destroying tanks, whereas a Secondary objective may be surviving or winning the battle.

Personal Missions are also divided: Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Self-Propelled Guns, and Tanks Destroyers. The Personal Missions have been tailored to fit the type of vehicle you’ll be playing; a light tank mission may be simply detecting a number of enemy tanks on the battlefield, and a heavy tank mission may be being the top damage dealer on your team, or annihilating up to five enemy tanks.

For completing Personal Mission tile, you will receive a reward vehicle as well as Tokens. We’ll talk more about Tokens in the Rewards section.

Personal Missions Progression

As mentioned above, there are five vehicles for you to choose from in Personal Missions. Once you’ve selected the type of vehicle you’d like to roll out into the fray with, you’ll then be greeted with the Personal Mission Chain, which is the sequence of missions that you progress through, hording rewards along the way.

The Campaign is a set of successively unlocked tiles that have common goals, which all Tiles fall under. There are 4 Mission Tiles available, each consisting of 5 Mission Chains for your chosen vehicle type. There is no restriction to how many Tiles you can embark on: you can complete missions from different campaigns at the same time, and the completion of one campaign will in no way block another.

In its most basic form, each Campaign is composed of numerous Tiles. Each Tile has its own set of Mission Chains.

One string would look something like this:

Title: Campaign

Tile for StuG IV

Chain 1: Light Tanks

Mission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15.

Chain 2: Medium Tanks

Mission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15.

Chain 3: Heavy Tanks

Mission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15.

Chain 4: Tank Destroyers

Mission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15.

Chain 5: Self-Propelled Guns

Mission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15.

Tile for T28 Concept

            Chain 1: Light Tanks

Successfully completing these Tiles, you will unlock a tank and new missions related to them. To unlock the new Tile, you will have to have completed a number of missions in the Chain.

To help you through the missions, we’ll also provide you with helpful hints and tips to get you through the battle in one piece…or close enough.


The spoils of war, it’s what you were really interested in after all. For each mission, there’s a Primary and Secondary reward, which you’ll receive for completing the missions of the same name. Rewards for your first few missions will come in the form of a large credit boost; completing the Primary mission nets you the most credits, while the secondary will give you half the amount.

As you progress further along your mission chains, you’ll be able to get your hands on consumables such as Health Kits, Repair Kits, and Fire Extinguishers, as well as even more credits. You can even get free days of Premium for successfully working your way through the missions!

And if you’re skilled enough to progress through the 15th mission in each chain, an expertly-trained female crewmember will join your ranks, with up to 20 female crew members for Campaign 1.

These crewmembers will be fully trained and a great addition to any squad. They join with 100% qualification, enough experience to learn the first perk to 100%, a free bunk in the Barracks, and also have a special perk given to all female crew members: Sisterhood of Steel. This perk differs from other perks, as it is given to every female crew member automatically, requires no experience to learn, cannot be reset, and works continuously.

For those of you familiar with the similarly titled perk in World of Tanks—Brotherhood of Steel—its effect is identical but is only activated if the whole crew is female. Also, the Brothers in Arms perk is not available to a crew having the Sisterhood of Steel perk. 

But wait, there’s more. For completing missions above and beyond the call of duty you’ll receive Tokens. In order to complete a Tile and claim the main prize you need 20 Mission Tokens. Completing a Chain gives you 4 Mission Tokens, which means that you need to finish all 5 Chains in order to have enough Tokens to finish a Tile and grab your tank. Tokens are also awarded for completing major or additional conditions of Personal Missions. You will also receive them for completing a number of missions as a reward for your proficiency.


So there you have it, Personal Missions, putting the skills you’ve honed in World of Tanks to the test with some excellent rewards to boot. Now it’s up to you to roll out into battlefield and reap what’s yours!

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