Howl at the Moon with the Siberian Wolf Pack Update

There’s a new set of deadly predators roaming the battlefield in the Siberian Wolf Pack update for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition. Unleashed for the first time on console are lethal Soviet medium tanks. Don’t be a loner; don’t be a one-man wolf pack; get together and join the hunt, taking down any opponent who crosses your path.

The Siberian Wolf Pack brings an alternate line of medium tanks: the A-43, the A-44, the Object 140 and the Object 430 II. The A-43 is a quick, lightweight medium tank ready to stalk the enemy and deliver a swift sneak attack. Prowl the tundra to flank your foe and score devastating attacks on their vulnerable sides.

The A-44 has a pair of fangs and it’s not afraid to take a chunk out of the enemy. This tank can also survive other vehicles getting up close and personal: its deflecting armor angle provides great defense against incoming shells.

The Object 140 can dish out some serious damage per minute and is a really agile beast. Its decent top speed and strong all-round turret armor means that you’ll have no problem dashing around any environment in search of a target.

The Object 430 is a genuine predator, possessing an excellent camo rating—superior to the Batchat 25 t. It’s also another tank with high damage per minute, and it has solid modules too. Combine this with highly sloped hull armor and you have quite the critter on your hands.