World of Tanks Powers Up for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Wargaming today announced the addition of a new game mode in World of Tanks to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The new World Football Championship game mode will be available from June 12 through July 13 during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, offering players a custom sport tank, special achievements and all new team-based, football themed gameplay.

The World Championship Football mode features 7-minute 3 vs 3 team battles on a reworked version of Himmelsdorf which has been transformed into a football field. The objective is to score a goal using vehicles and shells and to defend their own goal from enemy players. The only tank available in the new mode is the custom created Tier 1 T-62A Sport that will be given to all registered players for free.

Tankers will also get the “Football Player 2014” medal, awarded for exceptional performance in the new mode and will be able to earn Experience points by completing special missions.