Master of Orion: History of the Terran Khanate

Master of Orion plays out on a vast galactic stage which means, naturally, you’re going to cross paths with different races, who all believe they should rule Orion. In your quest to conquer the stars, many will stand in your way. Some will become allies; some will carve out a place in the universe by themselves; and some only live to destroy: in Master of Orion, this mantle falls to the Terran Khanate.

The Terran Khanate is the twisted reflection of the noble Human race. They are ambitious, persistent, and cunning. Yet, they were forged from blood and war, leaving them unable to move past the traumas of their development. All they see is war. All they know is power, destruction, and ruthless manipulation. They see the galaxy as a lawless space ruined by social freedoms, leading other races to weakness and decay.

The Khanate was born in a time of great struggle, during the era when Humanity was suffering through domestic conflict, losing millions. The first of the Khans was a merciless and calculating individual who operated from the shadows, and rose to power in this time of chaos. Dire circumstances called for radical solutions in the eyes of the Khan, as he ordered bloody purges to stem the tide of deviancy, corruption, and greed. Castes were established and dissidents were hushed. All roots of humanity were burned away—leaving the newly formed Terran people to rise from the ashes.

The Terrans, warped by their once Human instinct for survival, now seek to guarantee their position of authority in the galaxy. They intend to use their power to guide the errant races to the path of strength, or the will of the Khan, by forcefully removing their weakest aspects so the strong may thrive.

The Terrans, bred and trained to believe that aggression and power are the only means of control in a galaxy of chaos, favor war or battle as a way to resolve conflicts. Weakness is seen as a fatal flaw in Terran society, and crushing the weak is seen as the only moral option to ensure the Terran thrive.

The Terran Khanate is ruled by a Khan, and is a military dictatorship. The only way to become a ruler or politician in Terran society is to serve in the military and rise up through the ranks. The Khan oversees the Khanate on an empire-wide scale; they are not concerned with the day-to-day actions of the government or the creation of municipal laws. The Khan is a truly militaristic role. Each planet in the empire has a lesser Khan who oversees domestic issues, and each planet has Regional Directors that are more closely involved in the lives of soldiers and civilians.

The military is the core of Terran society. They are the representation of the Terran people’s ambitions, ideals, and values. If the Terran Khanate was on the verge of bankruptcy, the last group to lose funding would be the military. Serving in the military is also a prerequisite for any position of power in the Terran government. Those who do not serve in the military are seen as cowards.

In many ways, the Terrans are not that different than their Human brothers. They are brave, courageous, and bold. They refuse to back down in the face of adversity. And most of all, never bet against the Terrans when they are the underdogs in a fight. If the Terran mentality can be summed up in a single statement, it is that the Terran value hard work and resolve above all else (for these are the virtues of strength).

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