Wargaming at the Tokyo Game Show 2016

VR, anime, actresses and more will be at the Wargaming booth this year.

It’s getting close to mid-September so that means one thing in the Wargaming trade show calendar: the Tokyo Game Show. From September 15–18, Tokyo will once again be hosting the biggest gaming event in Asia. This year marks our fourth time at TGS and, as always, we have something special in the works.

The theme for this year’s TGS is “Press Start to Play the Future”. What does that mean for Wargaming, exactly? Well, we’ll have some cool VR exhibits for visitors to get their futuristic fill of tech: “Get Virtually Inside World of Tanks” or snap some pics at the World of Warships “Special YAMATO VR zone”.

We also have some other treats in store to keep our players happy. The “Special Player Happiness Event” will take place on September 17. In it, 40 of our most dedicated fans will rub elbows with Victor and the Wargaming Team for the day. Visitors can also expect some competitive gaming action. At the Wargaming booth, we’ll have Japanese eSports stars duking it out with each other across World of Tanks on PC, PS4, and World of Warships. Enthusiasts can also jump in for a few Exhibition matches if they think they’re up to the challenge.

Fans of our collaborations with various anime, like Girls und Panzer and the recently announced High School Fleet—or just anime fans in general—can head over to our “talk shows”, which feature actresses from the shows, as well as live performances by popular anime singers.

Oh, and how could we forget? If you visit the booth, there will be lots of goodies that you can get your hands on, too. The World of Tanks Beginners Guide comic book, World of Tanks and World of Warships T-Shirts, and more can be yours if you stop by.

We’ll see you there!