Toy Tanks Getting Ready to Cause Miniature Mayhem on Xbox Consoles

World of Tanks on Xbox 360 and Xbox One has a holiday-themed present waiting for players, ready to be unwrapped on December 24: Toy Tanks Mode. This original and festive game mode puts players in the gunner’s seat of miniature toy tanks and lets them battle it out on a festive battleground. In their tiny tanks, players can zip past presents and over toy-made ramps while their scaled-down crew narrates the skirmish for some fun, holiday battles.

Toy Tanks Mode dusts the snow of itself and comes with a custom holiday Garage. Here, players can store their Tier 9 “Toy Tank” which is modelled on the French Tier 5 BDR G1 B. This tank is outfitted with a spring-loaded turret that fires suction cup dart rounds that get stuck to enemy vehicles upon a successful hit. What better way to celebrate the holiday season?

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