Prove Your Supremacy in World of Tanks Blitz

Hold bases, rack up the points, and blow the competition away in this new game mode.

There’s a new mode in World of Tanks Blitz for you to get to grips with: Supremacy. In it, two teams hit the battlefield, much like in Encounter Battles. However, in Supremacy you have to capture and hold a number of bases across a map. The more bases your team controls, the more points you accrue, with the magic number being 1000. If neither side manages to meet the point quota, then the team with most points is declared victorious. You can also simply abandon capturing bases and just destroy the opposing team to claim victory.

Supremacy is where anything goes, but that doesn’t mean you can rush into combat without a plan of action. Located at different points across the map, you and your allies will need to decide which bases are worth keeping, and when the right time to strike is. Any Tier V–X can compete, and all you have to do to play in Supremacy is hit the BATTLE! button, in vehicles of Tier V or higher. The likelihood of entering this new mode is the same as for Encounter Battles, so be prepared.

Along with the new mode, the Falls Creek map was also updated. This visual rework has impacted the environment, with news ways to tackle your surroundings.

To learn more about Supremacy and other features coming with Update 3.0, visit the official website: