Czechoslovakian Tech Tree Ready to Prove Itself in World of Tanks

After spending some time getting a tune-up in the Garage, armored warriors from the Czechoslovakian Tech Tree are ready to gun for glory in Update 9.13. Light and medium vehicles fill the ranks, so you can discover even more ways to turn opponents to scrap.

Among these new vehicles, tankers can find the Škoda TVP tanks occupying the top spots of the Tech Tree, at Tier 9-10. These tanks work as fantastic snipers: excellent accuracy, with range and stabilization, makes them perfect for picking off unsuspecting foes who wander into their sights from afar. The Tier 7 Konštrukta T-34/100 (an upgraded version of the Soviet T-34) features an improved armament that experienced have used before.

Players also have a new map waiting for them in Random and Rampage battles. The Czechoslovakian-inspired map “Pilsen”, which is based on the real Škoda factory introduces a first for World of Tanks: close-quarter environments within enclosed buildings. These tight spaces will provide a totally new way for tankers to approach their environment, whether it’s lying in wait or sneaking stealthily through the level.

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