Ready for a new event and World of Tanks Update 9.8?

World of Tanks Update 9.8 is here and soon to be joined by the eagerly awaited Domination Event. Players will know that when a new event rolls out onto the battlefield, it always presents a test of skill for even our greatest players. Domination is not different. If commanders think they are ready then they should enlist while they still can. Starting on May 28, the Domination Event will last for about a month.

So, what exactly is the Domination Event? It’s furious 10 minute battles. There are three special vehicles available for players to master: the AMX 50 B (D), the Object 140 (D) and the Т110Е5 (D), all Tier 10. So, if you have yet to sample the strength of Tier 10 vehicles, you now have the chance!

However, for those of you who believe they know these vehicles from upper to lower glacis, you will find yourselves in unfamiliar territory in Domination Mode. Your usual tactics and ploys won’t work when you take into account the new features.

The ability to respawn will perhaps make the biggest impact on commanders. The battle doesn’t end when your tank is destroyed. You will be taken to a select screen where you can choose your next vehicle with which to re-enter the fray.

Across the maps in the Domination Event, there are four Resupply Points. If you find yourself running low on ammunition, or your tank is a little worse for ware, then you can rest in these spots to recover.

But enough about the mechanics—how do you actually win the Domination Event? Victory Points! It’s a commander and their team’s job to earn more Victory Points than their opponents in the 10 minute time limit. Destroying enemy tanks reward you with points, as does capturing flags and taking them to specific locations on each map.

Also available in Update 9.8 are Dynamic Platoons. This allows a person to create a Platoon and invite a player to join during an ongoing battle. There are also new ways to measure your skills in the fray: Battle Performance Badges.

Finally, there are improvements to Personal Missions, making them more challenging than ever. They are a real test, even for the most accomplished commander.

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