Wargaming Forge in Prague Launches LiveOps Internship Program to Mentor the Next Generation of Gaming Professionals!

If you are willing to learn from top experts in Data Analysis and work with Wargaming’s comprehensive databases and tools, Wargaming Forge’s six-month LiveOps internship program is the next step in your gaming career.

We spoke with Arthur Bricout, Product Data Analyst, and Miguel Varey Berzosa, LiveOps Manager, our mentors for Wargaming Forge in Prague, and asked them about working at Wargaming and what interns can expect from the upcoming program. This interview with our mentors will give you a good sense of what the Forge Program is all about. If you’re interested in this amazing opportunity, don’t wait until the last minute. You only have from August 2 through August 30, 2021 to submit your application.

How did you start working at Wargaming?

Arthur: “I actually got my start at Wargaming through an internship. I was studying to be a data analyst in my video game school in Canada when I saw that Wargaming was looking for a data analyst in the Paris office. So, I took the tests, passed, and got hired as an intern in March of 2018.”

Miguel: “Funny enough, I kind of got dragged here by a friend. We met in Madrid when we were both studying over there, and he came to Wargaming around one or two years before I did. He mentioned that there were open positions, and I was looking for something. So I decided to give it a try, knowing I would know someone there in the Paris office. Yeah, I decided to join, and it was quite fun.

"I started in customer support, and I was there for four years. Then I moved over to LiveOps.”

What impressed you the most about the company?

Miguel: “The people that work at Wargaming are fantastic. At one point I remember we were sitting in front of the general manager’s office, and he’d just come out and have a chat with us - not taking into account that we are the most basic entry-level position in the company you can get.

“Everyone is friendly and open-minded about talking with everyone else. It doesn’t really matter who’s who. That’s very nice.”

Why should potential interns choose our program?

Arthur: “I would recommend Wargaming because the company has been here for a long time. Keeping the two main games, World of Tanks and World of Warships alive for so long, is proof that they are doing something right.

“For an intern coming to work in data, Wargaming is one of the biggest in terms of data collection. I think the amount of data to work and play with is something you probably would not find in such a big quantity in other companies.

“Plus, as an analyst, you are not just processing reports and sending them away for teams to ignore them. People come back to you to ask questions, and the reports can have a meaningful impact and push development, monetization, and actually make a lot of changes happen.”

Why do you think the internship will be useful for a specialist just starting out?

Miguel: “I would say that we have a very knowledgeable and talented team that are very good at what they do. Being able to learn from them would be quite valuable. There is a lot of information out there and when starting out people might not even know what to do with it.

“It is a nice place to begin your career without feeling the huge amount of pressure that you could feel in other companies and organizations. At Wargaming, you will always have some very good helping hands to guide you through your first steps in data management and analysis.”

What key skills will interns gain in the program?

Arthur: “I believe proactivity, patience and the ability to listen are the main skills interns will learn in order to be successful in this career.

“They will learn that proactivity is very important. In data, it is quite demanding to be able to find meaningful information by yourself and investigate other subjects.

“Of course, improving all the small you start and may be struggling with, in terms of database query and other similar skills, is important as well. It gives you the ability to make huge improvements in terms of coding.

“Lastly, patience and the ability to listen are also key. Database querying can be slow, so you need to be able to wait….”

What kind of support and feedback will interns receive during the internship?

Arthur: “Of course we don’t want to do all the tasks for the interns, that would be counterproductive. They are here to learn and are treated as part of the team. We will help guide them to find what they are looking for.

“If they are struggling with data querying, we will point them in the right direction, or help them finish part of a script they are working on.

“They will get lots of feedback from our team, which I also received during my time as an intern and as a new hire. I remember my first Tableau dashboards, they were quite ugly, and I got good constructive comments and suggestions for positive changes from my Leads about it.

“Yeah, I have been helped a lot, and I am sure it will also be the case for our potential interns.”

Tell us about the team and what the atmosphere is like in Prague?

Miguel: “Everyone is pretty friendly, but I have to say our team is probably the most loved – and hated – at the same time. We are extremely friendly, easy-going, and like to talk. So, on the one hand, we get along very well with a lot of people, but if people want silence, we might not be the best to be around [laughter].

“I wouldn’t say we’re strict, but we are very work-oriented at the same time. So even though we are doing all these things and having fun, we always make sure we are actually achieving our goals.”

If you’re all about big data and want to gain insight and experience that will help you push your career forward, while working with a fun and supportive team, in one of the best locations in Europe, apply now through the link to become a Wargaming Forge professional.

Good luck!