Wargaming Forge Announces Two Paid On-Site Internships and Free Online Course for Spring 2023

Two paid on-site internships in two different disciplines and online course of the gaming industry 


February 14, 2023 - Wargaming Forge is thrilled to announce amazing opportunities for Spring 2023 – two paid on-site internships and free online course. This initiative is part of our Forge program, which is dedicated to helping the future of the gaming industry to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. 

Online courses in Software engineering and Live Game operations were a good way to start this year. With the same enthusiasm Wargaming Forge creates a great chance to drive into the gaming world with two paid on-site internships: Software engineering and Technical Arts. 

As these are internships, the candidate requirements are a bit more nuanced and involve a slightly deeper understanding of certain software, for example. The Technical Arts internship will run for 5 months in Belgrade, while the Software Engineering internship will be for 6 months, and it will be held in Vilnius.   

Those who impress during their internships will be offered the opportunity to work at Wargaming full-time, so it’s a great way to get your foot in the door and jumpstart your career. 

Also Wargaming Forge is launching an exciting new online course in maintenance, perfect for those with basic programming skills and knowledge of Linux.  

The two-month course will cover topics such as Kafka and SQL, so you can get the experience you need to start a career in gaming. Plus, those who impress on the course will be offered an internship in either Cyprus, Lithuania, or Serbia, and a select few will even get the chance to work at Wargaming full-time.  

“Only last month did we speak about our plans for 2023 on the back of a successful 2022,” states Vitalija Radzevičiūtė, Program Manager at Wargaming Forge. “We mentioned that those two courses were just the start of what’s to come for this year, and as you can see, we’re already full steam ahead on opening up new opportunities! Just keep an eye out for what we’ve got planned for this year!” 
We’re excited to open up these incredible opportunities and can’t wait to see the impact they have on the future of the gaming industry. So, don’t miss out – apply now: 

Software Engineering internshp
Technical Arts internship
Maintenance course

Applications will be open from February 14 to March 7 until 12:00 UTC+2.