Wargaming Forge International: Our 3-month paid internship is in full-swing

Kickstart your career alongside the creators of World of Tanks

Wargaming continues its search for brilliant young guns to embark on a 3-month-long journey, gather a bonanza of precious expertise along the way and eventually bolster the multinational team of the Wargaming Creative Agency as a fully-fledged employee.

What Is the Creative Agency?

It’s where the most daring, yet data-based projects to promote Wargaming’s flagships like World of Tanks (a world’s hit awarded with four Golden Joysticks) and as yet unannounced titles are born. Work on promotions seen across the globe—and beyond as we collaborate with the International Space Station from time to time. Take a sneak peek at some of the projects we’ve worked on below:



Who’s in demand?

We’re on the hunt for undergraduates or young specialists dying to be second-to-none. The current positions open are:

Give me the details

Simply complete the position’s test task and if it turns out to be a perfect fit, start packing your things to head off to Minsk.

And don’t worry: Everything is set to comfort your relocation pain: your flight tickets will be paid, you will be met at the airport and delivered to our corporate apartment, and a decent relocation bonus will be granted you to cover your emotional and financial expenditures.

“I relocated from Paris to Minsk and with the help of the team, all the complicated documents — such as my work visa — were sorted for me, — James Birtles, one of our mentors, who’s been working at Wargaming Minsk and in the Creative Agency for a year. — By working here, you’ll get to meet experts in different fields, expand your horizons — both in and outside of work — and leave your mark on our world-renowned games.”

Why Minsk?

Forget all the rumors about the capital of Belarus: Minsk is a nice modern city, with an impressing historical appearance and young heart. It’s green, spacious and full of light in the day and neon at night. And what’s more important, it’s quite welcoming, especially towards IT-related specialists (since Minsk has quite long been renowned as Eastern Europe’s Silicon Valley, due to the level of technology and the concentration of qualified IT specialists).

So, pluck up your courage and start your adventure right now. To apply for a suitable position or get to know all details, visit wgforge.wargaming.com.