Wargaming April Fools’ Day Round Up

With a great amount of titles, comes a great amount of April Fools’ Day responsibilities. This year, the shenanigans have taken on peculiar forms from quirky flash games, social apps, in-game weirdness and revolutionary enhancements.

World of Tanks Operation Undead

When there’s no more room in the garage, the dead will walk the Earth.

No one knows how the apocalypse started: Viral outbreak? Magical powers? Otherworldly meteor? Did it just sort of…happen? All we do know is that the zombies aren’t pleased.

In the browser-based game, World of Tanks Operation Undead, you are the sole commander and savior of the human race. Picked out of obscurity, it’s your job to save the Stronghold from the undead army. Thankfully, the zombies have agreed to adhere to the Tower Defense genre, giving you and your army a fighting chance.

Utilize your cunning and ingenuity to place various tanks around the map to fight back wave after wave of brain-hungry attackers. Defend against a variety of undead from decaying biplanes to hulking zombie foes. Launch devastating special weapons and turn your foes back into worm food once and for all. Upgrade your vehicles and do everything possible to protect your Command Center.

To win, just rack up the points by defeating enemies and keeping the Stronghold secure. Simple, really.

Think you’ve got what it takes to survive? Try out the game.

World of Warships: Ocean Drift

So if you don’t drift to win, what do you drift for?

Feel the wind in your hair and the sea spray in your face as you captain a dinky pixel ship around a series of ten geometric levels. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is collecting all the bobbing baubles scattered around the map so that you can advance to the next level.

Why do you collect the baubles? You don’t know. Maybe you plan to sell them; maybe you dropped them; maybe you’re a famous treasure hunter. But that doesn’t matter because you’ve got bigger things to worry about.

Nipping at your stern are several enemy vessels that want nothing more than to sink your battleship. Grasp the wheel, collect those baubles and advance to the next level unscathed. There’s lots more treasure lurking in these oceans.


World of Tanks Blitz—the Dating App: TankR

Of all the battlefields in all the towns in all the world, that tank rolls into mine.

So you’re cruising the battlefield, busting mantlets and orbiting turrets when another player’s skill catches your eye. You think: “I’d sure like to get to know the person on the other end of that smartphone.” Well, with the World of Tanks Blitz-Dating function, you can swap out that premium ammo for the special “Cupid’s Arrow”. Gaze through that periscope and riddle your prospective partner with love, opening a special chat window after the battle.

The App’s free, and a downloaded add-on for the in-game chat. With it, you’ll be able to see the Dating Profile of other players who also have the add-on. You can set up your profile by use of the Menu buttons. Completing your profile means you’re ready for battle. The state-of-the-art matchmaker will drop you into battles with those that match your profile. Potential matches will be displayed on the mini-map for you to roll on over to.

World of Tanks Blitz—iWatch

Time is now a crueler mistress

The U.S. development team had sealed themselves off in a cabin in the woods for a solid month, panning through their collective minds for golden idea nuggets. Tired and bedraggled, they emerged from their shack with one, ground-breaking concept: World of Tanks for iWatch.

Players who installed the App on their iWatch will be able to use a function called “Request Strike” which will allow them to lend a helping hand to their friends. The function will cause a remote artillery strike to rain destruction on their friends’ opponents. Whether you’re at home, out and about, in the middle of an important meeting, you’ll always be able to help out a friend.

World of Warplanes—Voice Сommands

Now you can dictate the course of battle with your mouth.

Unplug that keyboard, toss out that joystick, and sell your controller because the next evolution of gameplay is here, and World of Warplanes is leading the fleet. No longer will you have to awkwardly twist your fingers to reach keys, risk injury with complex stick movements, or have to limit yourself to a gamepad.

Voice commands work with any headset or stationary microphone. Now your sultry tones can command your warplane. Whisper “left”, shout “right”, scream “shoot”. You can even control the camera by yelling “Camera Back/Front/Top/Bottom” to rotate the view around your aircraft.

The next stage in this design is the World of Warplanes full body suit, which will allow players’ limbs to dictate the action.

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition

Fly me to the Moon, and let me shoot lasers among the stars.

Clashing across earthen battlefields is all well and good, but World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition has its eye on a bigger arena that’s more silvery…more moon-like. The moon! On April 3rd, the M-24 Chaffee tank will jump into its spacesuit and strap on its moon boots to take on Moon River in the new Lunar Mode.

Players can expect to gain some huge air (unbreathable of course) as they cruise along the crater-marked surface, pulling off stunts and blasting opponents with their high-tech weapons arsenal.


World of Tanks Generals

If tanks could fly…

Like the fearsome bear cavalry or the fabled One Ring, there are some things in the world that could be viewed as “overpowered”. A flying tank may fit into this category as it nips around the battlefield raining destruction.

As cool as it would be to have such a vehicle, bombing around like a mad iron bird, the closest we have is the Soviet A-40. Unlike bears and the ring, the A-40 was real, though it only existed as a prototype. This tank was an attempt to allow a tank to glide onto the battlefield after being towed by an airplane. However, it was ultimately unworkable.

On April 1, 2015, you can test the A-40, which has a special ability, allowing you to you deploy the card on an opponent’s bridgehead.

World of Tanks—Rainbow Suitcase

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s…a suitcase?

So you’re rolling across war-torn battlefields in the tank of your choice, minding your own business, when you spot something that looks like a rainbow hurtling through the air. Upon close inspection, you see that at the end of this rainbow is not a pot of gold, but a suitcase. Is there a problem with the graphical assets? Has someone’s luggage entered a wormhole? Nope. It’s nothing like that.

In the Russian servers of World of Tanks, being struck by arty is commonly referred to as “having a delivery incoming” or that “a suitcase fell on your head”. The way it works in game is that players have access to a consumable, which functions as artillery. This “arty” works by having a fixed aiming radius, global level span, and singular use.

When launched, a streak of rainbow light—led by a suitcase—bombs toward the earth to strike any unfortunate tank in its radius.