WGL Gold Series Season 2016–2017 Is Ready to Rumble

Competitive gaming fans and players can expect a revamped schedule, more events and ways to watch in the latest WGL Season.

Whether you’re a pro-player, eSports enthusiast, or a tanker looking to break into the competitive scene, you’ll find something in the WGL Gold Series Season 2016–2017. On top of the big names in the eSports world fighting for their championship titles, there are number of other great improvements throughout the League.

First off is some housekeeping. This year, the WGL Gold Series will change from 12 teams to 8. 12 teams will still be hitting the battlefield in Season 1, but to ramp up the competitiveness, only 8 will find themselves in Season 2. Another important reason for this change is the fact that, to truly make it as a pro-team, each team needs a little guidance. With this setup, the pros at the WGL can really help guide and foster each team and its players.

Fans and teams will also find that there’s little time to lower their guard this Season. We have a packed schedule that provides everyone with exhilarating content and an off-season period. Season 1 runs from August—October; the hotly anticipated Rumbles takes place November—December; then there’s just enough time to catch your breath before Season 2 commences, January—May.

You’ll also want to keep your ear to the ground because you should hear the faint sound of rumbling in the distance that is set to shake the world. There are two global Rumble competitions this year, which will give players and teams a chance to clash on the field, show off their talents, and help evolve the competitive scene.

The first, the Challenger Rumble, sees the top two teams from three regions battle, with the exception of the region the holding World Champion represents. With two wild cards, it makes eight teams in total. The second, the Champions Rumble, automatically seeds the World Champion, including one more top team from the region they fight for. There is also the winner and the runner-up from the Challenger Rumble. So that’s four teams all in all.

Get involved today and join your favorite teams in the streams: