Wolfpack Update Stalks PlayStation 4 Battlefields

With the new update for World of Tanks on PlayStation®4, there’s no need to limit yourself to a one-man wolfpack. On March 8, nine new Soviet and German light and medium tank are ready to join the hunt. There’s also another beat on the prowl, available on March 4: the much sought after US M6A2E1 “Mutant 6”. This vehicle is a hybrid of several American heavy tank and packs quite the punch. However, players will want to get it from the in-game store fast, because it won’t be around forever.

A first on the PlayStation®4, the 18 light and medium German and Soviet tanks are nearly ready to hotfoot it on the battlefield. Vehicles like the A-44, Obj.140, Pz. II G, VK 30.02 D and Leopard 1 excel at slipping around their opponent’s flank and striking swiftly. Commanders will definitely have fun putting these new tanks to the test across three new maps. They can line up that perfect sniper shot along the rocky, mountain trails of Severogorsk, hunt prey across the icy arena of Tundra, or zip around Dragon Ridge with its numerous areas to strike from.

World of Tanks on PlayStation®4 is free to all PlayStation® accounts and does not require a PlayStation®Plus membership to play.

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