The Importance of Work-Life Harmony in Wargaming APAC – Part 1

Wargaming APAC prioritizes work-life harmony to cultivate a positive workplace for all employees!

Establishing a positive work culture has always been a priority for our leadership team in our APAC market. In Asia, Wargaming has continued to thrive under a guiding principle, giving our employees harmony with work. To some, this may be a foreign concept, but for our teams in Asia, it is a way of life that allows our Wargamers to succeed in the workplace while also allowing them to spend time with family, enjoy their hobbies, and grow as individuals. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be running a series of interviews with our colleagues in APAC, talking to them about work-life harmony and all things Wargaming.

First up we hear from Penny, our regional HR Director, about the culture that she is trying to establish in the APAC region. 

“As technology and work ways evolve, the line between work and life may not be as clear-cut anymore. Yet besides professional duties, in different phases of life we all have many other responsibilities and aspirations, and these responsibilities and aspirations do not necessarily need to be compromised because of professional duties. Rather, “work” and “life” are two essential elements supporting each other.

I believe Work-Life harmony is about integrating work into personal life, while aligning our life passion with our profession.

Whereas none of us can have unlimited time, to me it is about establishing my priorities for work, family, and life, embracing my choices, and always keeping in mind to be present in the moment.

We say “Results Matter” in Wargaming and what matters is what is delivered and how it is done. I am also a supporter of the idea that pursuing work performance and life goals can be less limited by the hours or location. It is true that each job has different requirements, so based on the nature of the role, our leaders have developed an understanding with employees what will be a more efficient way to work together and achieve goals while extending the support to what important is for each employee personally. 

At Wargaming, I can work with great people, have new learning opportunities, and progress in my career over the past 5 years. On the other hand, I also find time to enjoy developing new interests, picking up new skills and discovering how to be a mother. The company consistently extends great trust, compassion, and support.

As a leadership, we believe in creating a workplace where our employees can learn and thrive in their career, build something great together, find enjoyment and personal fulfillment in what they do and take care of their loved ones.”

Thanks for sharing your story with us Penny. Tune in next week to hear from Kelly Ching, one of our first employees in the region who has been with us for nearly 10 years and Seoyoung Hwang, one of our finance managers.