World of Tanks Update 9.4 Released

There are a slew of great updates in 9.4, amongst them a significant improvement to Strongholds including an extended system of upgrades for structures that produce Reserves for a Clan now featuring 10 levels.

Speaking of Clans, they can now seek out and attack other Clan Strongholds, and each Clan is able to designate specific times when they are available to defend opposing Clan attacks. And both can be completed by ANY Clan member—so players will never be caught unawares.

There’s a totally reworked Team Battles mode—the all-new 7/54 setup—that redesigns playing experience, adding 11 maps specifically tweaked for fast-paced and furious 7v7 gameplay.

Team Battles’ new setup will eliminate camping and low tier scout tanks from gameplay by requiring players to create a team of Tier 6-8 tanks—adding up to a Tier total of 54.

In this new mode, each team will have a defined role in the gameplay: it’s the attacking team’s job to capture one of the two enemy bases by any means necessary, while the defending team will have to withstand the onslaught and defend those bases until the time runs out or the opposing team has been destroyed.

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