Issue 6 of the Free World of Tanks Magazine Out Now

In issue 6, we’ve got our eyes on the steel beasts that fought in the war, what it was like to be a gunner inside a tank, and how the power of words is able to inspire soldiers, even in the most dire situations. Readers can also see what awaits them in the Training Battle mode, get a lowdown on the Premium Swedish Tier VI, and win a TYPE 62.

Submerge yourself in wartime tech or inspire yourself with a rousing speech in issue 6. Discover the birth of the first mass-produced helicopter, how rocket artillery soared to prominence, or find out about five quotes that went down in history.

In this issue

  • Sikorsky’s Dragonflies of Steel: Learn about Igor Sikorsky—an engineer known worldwide as the inventor of the first mass-produced helicopter.
  • Rocket Artillery During the Second World War: Read about one of the most dangerous and widely used modern weapons.
  • The Power of Words: Five quotes that went down in history.
  • Plans for the Future: Read the interview with developers of World of Warships to see what’s coming in 2017.
  • And more!

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