Are You Up to the Challenge of World of Tanks Personal Missions?

World of Tanks newly added Personal Missions take players through 300 complex campaigns, enabling them to acquire some great rewards like credits, Premium time, and vehicles such as the StuG IV, T28 heavy tank concept, T-55 NVA DDR, and Object 260. Players will also have the chance to recruit new female members to their barracks; these 100%, fully trained crew come with the unique perk: Sisterhood of Steel.

Unlike regular missions, players should be aware of a new setup. Personal Missions offer tankers to choose from several campaigns: they pick one Tile (StuG IV), which then leads them to a Mission Chain (Light Tanks, Medium Tanks) where they then complete up to 15 missions, receiving specific rewards and the ability to recruit a new female team member once fully completed.

With Personal Missions, tankers have the freedom to complete missions from different campaigns at the same time. In addition, completing certain campaigns does not block other campaign missions, nor are these missions on a timer, so tankers can tackle them as they see fit.

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