World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 Second Beta Weekend Kicks Off January 8

If you missed your chance to be part of the first Beta Weekend for World of Tanks on PlayStation®4, here’s your second chance. Get ready for another installment of action-packed console tank battles from January 8–10.

During this time, special Founder’s Packs will be available, unlocking a host of great content. Tankers can jump in the driver’s seat of special Premium vehicles, grab Premium Account, in-game Gold, and discounted rare tanks. As a special treat for those rolling out during the Beta Weekend, the M22 the M22 Locust US Light Tank along with a special camouflage paying homage to the original PlayStation® and the T1E6-PS US Premium Light Tank will be gifted to those who log in.

The game client is currently available to download SCEA and will be available in other regions on Friday (Jan 8). Founder’s Packs will be released in SCEA on Jan 5 and in other regions on Friday (Jan 8).

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