World of Tanks 9.5: The British Firefly Branch Added

In Update 9.5, World of Tanks introduces a whole host of great content. First off, there’s the updated British line that adds 10 new vehicles featuring iconic and impressive British Tank Destroyers. Starting at Tier 5, the line includes the unmistakable Archer and its backwards-facing gun, the strong yet graceful Charioteer, and the imposing FV4005 Stage II.

Complementing the Tank Destroyer line, the British tech tree gets 3 new Medium vehicles as well as the iconic and highly anticipated Sherman Firefly, Sherman II and Grant, along with 2 Light Tanks: the M2 and Stuart I-IV.

Also in Update 9.5, there’s 3 original battlegrounds. Mittengard, a sloping area where you’ll find a ruinous settlement that’s great for lower battle levels. The desolate Ghost Town will satisfy your team battle needs, and Winterberg is where you’ll encounter a snow-capped and chilly environment to wage war inside.

And in another great new addition, “Personal Missions” will be available on January 15. Unlike the current Mission system, Personal Missions allow players the freedom to select the mission they want to complete and these missions will feature no time limit. Upon completion of these missions, players will receive a variety of great rewards including unique high-tier vehicles, medals and female crew members! So roll out and get those prizes!

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