Plunge into the Heart of Battle with the First Virtual Reality Tank Battle Reenactment

If players have ever wanted to take to the battlefield—now’s your chance with the Google’s 360° virtual reality experience. Wargaming will be representing the “1941 Battle: 360° Reenactment”, a project that will plunge viewers into the thick of battle, complete with moving tanks, infantry, artillery, and warplanes.

Wargaming is proud to be a part of any initiative that shares our passion for history and education in new and innovative ways. The 360° event was an awesome opportunity to utilize cutting-edge technology to reignite the sights, sounds and feel of the past like never before.

Fans will know, earlier this year, World of Tanks teamed up with Google and The Bovington Tank Museum to release five 360° videos: “Virtually Inside the Tanks”. Viewers could see both the inside and outside of fully working armored giants, getting closer than ever before to the gunner’s seat. Famous vehicles such as the M4 Sherman from the blockbuster FURY, as well as other iconic vehicles were available to explore.

Transport yourself to a 360° battlefield now with Wargaming:

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