Snowballs at the Ready; it’s a Winter Showdown

Starting January 2015, World of Tanks will be adding a brand new combat mode for you to test your metal within Random Battles—Winter Showdown. Players will be transported to a pixelated, winter wonderland where they can knock each other down to size.

This mode will offer two setups to choose from: 2 platoons vs. 2 platoons or 10 vs. 10 in random. And available exclusively in this mode will be mega platoons—5 players instead of 3—for even more furious action.

To help make it through Winter Showdown, you’ll have three special types of vehicles at your disposal: the Mammoth heavy tank, the Polar Bear Tank Destroyer, and the Arctic Fox light tank.

Each of three vehicles have clearly defined roles on the battlefield. Your Mammoth tank is your soldier, charging on the front lines. The Polar Bear is your sniper, picking off enemies from afar. The Arctic Fox acts as your scout, scurrying across the snow to scope out the scene.

So now that there’s tanks, we need an original battle arena developed specifically for Winter Showdown where you can test out your skills in tight quarters with a destructible environment. There’s also special Gold rounds that can be used to heal your teammates so you can all survive the harsh winter. And for exceptional performance in Winter Showdown, you’ll be awarded a new medal: “Operation Winter”!

So what’s the start date for your region?

For NA, EU, and Asia: January 26th 2015

For KR: January 15th 2015

Tankers, roll out! And try not to get stuck in the snow.

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