Survive a Winter Showdown with our Top Tips

Winter Showdown mode is fully upon all World of Tanks players. Tankers can now enjoy 8-bit arctic madness across a winter-themed environment, where there are three new types of tank to choose from with an exclusive 10-vs-10 mode for Random Battle. To make sure you’re not snowed under in Winter Showdown, we’ve compiled some tips to give you the edge.

Winter Warfare

While the basic rules and gameplay aren’t too different from what players are used to, there are some slight changes you need to be aware of. Firstly, there’re three types of tanks available for you to cause pixelated mayhem with: the Mammoth heavy tank; the Polar Bear tank destroyer; the Arctic Fox light tank—we’ll talk more about how to use them effectively in a moment.

While you’re roaming around your blocky world, you’ll notice that the level is somewhat smaller than the rolling maps you’re used to. However, pretty much everything is destructible aside from the bordering white walls.

The battle time has been effectively halved; the rounds are now 7 minutes long. For most tankers, your round time will be quick anyway, but this time limit adds another sense of urgency to play that means you’ll often be pressing forward.

But there’s one thing you must remember: Winter Showdown is about fun, so don’t take it too seriously!

Your Arctic Arsenal

Though players will be familiar with the tank types, Winter Showdown turns some established rules on its head. This can lead to you utilizing some tanks in different ways.

The Mammoth heavy tank is rapid for its type. The ancient wooly mammoth was no slouch either, running at about 45 km/h. Unlike the wooly mammoth, our heavy tank can fire a burst round of three shells (unlike the extinct animal, which fired zero). It has a ton of HP too, so can really take a beating.

Your Polar Bear tank destroyer plays like any other TD and is very quick but not so agile. If you like, you can stay back and let the Mammoths take the damage, or you can roll out right into the fray because the Polar Bear does insane damage.

The Artic Fox is a perfect flanking vehicle—very quick. It’s great in larger platoons because of its ability to heal the most out of the three vehicles in Winter Showdown mode. Great for flanking the Polar Bears, this tank works even better as a healer for other units.

Tactics for the Tundra

Because the Winter Showdown map is smaller than your average map, you don’t have to let your heavy tanks press the front lines while the tank destroyers hang back. As mentioned previously, the Polar Bears’ huge damage make them just as viable at the front—if you’re skilled enough.

Tankers also need to be aware of the environment. Although the majority of the level is flat, there is a small pool of water around the center base. More than a few unlucky drivers have met their end by not watching the ground in front of them and soon discovered that Mammoths, Bears and Foxes don’t swim so well when they’re made of metal.

The increase in platoons also switch up gameplay. Players should attempt to use the increase in numbers to further coordinate their gameplay: everyone has to have designated roles and communicate. Battles will become more hectic and tactical so make sure you have plan.

And in an effort to secure victory, you may not want to always focus on capturing the base but destroying the other tanks. Blocks are a dead giveaway too. If you see them being destroyed in the distance, check how many are being ground into dust—more bricks = a bigger tank.

Winter missions are also great occasion to recruit a new crew. These arrive at 100%, and the fact that you acquire experience per battle means that you can build up other units. Plus, after 25 battles, you get a bonus, so keep battling!

So there you have it, enough tips to keep you warm and make sure that this isn’t the winter of your discontent.