World of Tanks Blitz and Valkyria Chronicles Team Up

Two iconic tanks from SEGA’s hit game have arrived to test their mettle.

It’s a match made in tank heaven. The heroes and their tanks from SEGA’s critically acclaimed RPG Valkyria Chronicles will be busting their way into the universe of World of Tanks Blitz. Leading the charge are the two iconic vehicles Edelweiss and Nameless, who are more than battle-ready.

Both these two tanks sit at Tier VII, which means they pack quite the punch and are some of the most unique vehicles that have ever hit the battlefield. The Nameless is a heavy tank used by Squad 422 in Valkyria Chronicles 3, so don’t be surprised to see it wading into the most hectic of fights. Its solid frontal armor, good alpha damage and maneuverability makes the Nameless great for those of you who like to get up close and personal.

The Edelweiss, on the other hand, is a medium tank that was designed by the late Professor Theimer and played a key role in securing victory in the 1935 war in the first Valkyria Chronicles game. The tank has decent mobility and swift speed, and may remind some of you of the T20. Because it’s a medium, we shouldn’t have to remind you that it’s best to hunt in packs.

You can check out these tanks right now by heading to the official website: