Dracula and Helsing Face Off in Night Hunt for World of Tanks Blitz

From October 10 to November 7, you have to choose who you will fight for: Light or Darkness.

Over half a millennium ago, a great terror ruled across the land. Its name was Dracula, the Prince of Darkness. None dared to oppose him, save for one brave warrior of light, Helsing. On the last night of October, these two forces clashed on the battlefield. Conflict raged through the night until, as the light of day washed over the land, Dracula was defeated. However, before leaving this realm, he left a chilling prophecy: “The day will come when I return.”

Now that time is upon us. In World of Tanks Blitz’s Halloween event “Night Hunt”, you will choose whether you fight for the Light or for the Darkness. Once again, Dracula and Helsing will take to the battlefield, embodied by two devilish tanks.

The T6 Dracula Premium Tier VII is a medium tank, which has an ultra-fast track repair time of just two seconds. The Helsing H0 Premium Tier VII tank destroyer sports a double-barreled gun that is perfect for shedding light on the battlefield. Picking either the Light or the Darkness will propel you on two different sets of missions.

You will plunge into the spookily designed Garage and choose your weapon. Then, in Random Battles, you may find yourself in the Halloween-themed map. It’s your job to collect Tokens of Light or Seals of Darkness. For completing each mission stage, you can also snatch credits and Free Experience. Then, after conquering the final stage, you will get the tank that you chose to battle with. You can even grab both tanks if you make it through the two sets of missions…alive.

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