World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Unveils the Iron Brotherhood

The Iron Brotherhood update is live and ready for immediate download globally. Combined with the recently released update 1.7, commanders have a barrage of new content ranging from vehicles, a new map, improvements to the HUD and interface, as well as the new Chained Ops mode.

This update introduces five new and diverse Soviet-built heavy tanks from Tier 6–10:

The T-150 is a Tier 6 heavy tank that features additional armor to its hull and a considerably more powerful engine. It also has fearsome 107 mm gun and is great when combined with a strong turret.

The KV-3, a Tier 7 heavy tank that has tough frontal armor, with lots of versatility thanks to a large variety of guns, and powerfully high alpha damage 122 mm cannon.

The KV-4 is a Tier 8 heavy tank that’s heavily armored, especially on its side and turret, and its high mass makes it resistant to being rammed. It’s great for absorbing lots of damage.

The ST-I a Tier 9 heavy tank. Its sturdy, angled armor, this tank is near-impenetrable to many Tier 8 guns. A great tank for hull-down or side craping.

IS-4 is a Tier 10 heavy tank with thick side armor, shoulder plates and a high HP pool. When equipped with the 122 mm M62-T2 gun, it can often be devastating.

Commanders will also have a new “South Coast” map to contend with. This sunny, rugged environment is perfect for flanking, ambushing and head-on attacks—offering a diverse set of play-styles for any commander. Rolling hills and tight gulleys dotted with ruins, with sparse sections of open yet cluttered fields make for a very challenging experience when tracking or assaulting.

Update 1.7 saw a number of improvements, from the introduction to Garage modifications such as the Tank Filter and Battle log. Chained Ops enhanced a player’s experience of Operations, allowing them to achieve some fantastic rewards and achievements. There were also a number of HUD enhancements, including a new radial menu, visual damage indication, and the Strategic Command radial.

For more detailed information on update 1.7, see the announcement on the official World of Tanks: Xbox 360 portal.

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