Le Barrage Français Update for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition

Hot on the trail of the most recent Vive Le France update, Le Barrage Français continues to add French armor with the introduction of the country’s most famous artillery, including the quick AMX 105, the deadly Lorr.155 51 and the fearsome B-C 1555 58.

But France isn’t the only line with new tanks; Le Barrage Français introduces a new trio of Soviet light tanks: T-60, T-70 and the T-80, perfect for zipping around the battlefield.

You’ll also find that Tier 1 tanks have been improved to provide a better experience to new players. All Tier 1 tanks for new players will come with all packages researched and purchased and will be equipped with top Tier packages.

Players will also have the opportunity to get to grips with two new levels. “Highway” features distinct and unique combat hot zones where players will find a variety of attacking options from close quarters to ranged slugfests. “Steppes” allows for great long-range play and artillery, perfect for tanks with good turret armor thanks to numerous places to hulldown.

Le Barrage Français Update is now live globally and free to download for all Xbox Live Gold members. If you’re a new player, you can experience all of World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition action-packed combat through a free seven-day trial available for Xbox Live account holders.